Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Cupcake Princess Ginnoah, Human Hair, and Sweet Finds

Ginnoah is a very special toddler girl with a beautiful story behind her. There's so much love and anticipation for this cutie already and I want her to be as perfect as can be for her mom to enjoy. I absolutely love the shape of her nose!

Ginnoah will have a full head of human hair styled in luscious ringlets with a matching mohair and painted hairline (trust me, it sounds more complicated than it is). This is for added realism. Hairline hair is always of a finer texture, and the mohair matches the human hair color perfectly for a seamless blend.

I played around with her eyebrow paint when I test rooted a section of the human hair. I erased it (one of the many perks of using heat set paints) before putting it in the oven because the color didn't match the way I wanted. You can kind of see some of the multi tones of the hair in the photos ( I know it's a little hard to see here). I know exactly what I'm going for with the brows and you know how I get when I want what I want! Everything has to be just right for Ginnoah's sweet little face.

My hand looks semi normal here considering that the skin is peeling off of my fingers at a record pace (ouch). I covered it to spare you guys. 

Her peach doe suede body. I love the gathered tushie!

A sweet little polymer clay cupcake I made for Ginnoah's mama.  It's supposed to be a green tea chai cupcake with a biscuit on top!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Owen Sculpt Before and After Hair Part 1

Here are some pictures I took of little Owen before her rooting was started. She had all her skin painted (minus the varnish) and her brows and hairline painted. Her eyebrow hairs have been tweaked since then to fill in a few areas. I will post part 2 after photos once her last little section of hair is finished up, trimmed and sealed. She is so pretty! <3 p="">

Labor Day Weekend Aftermath and Pictures

Today I'll be uploading pictures from my camera of custom babies, outfits, hair and other goodies when I get back home. I don't want to talk or think about being sick. I have a lot of exciting things in store and my gosh these babies are looking beautiful! Later I will also have some announcements about future custom ordering (some of you who expressed interest in future custom orders may be disappointed).

Think Positive Thoughts and Lessons in Perpetual Sickness

Good grief these past couple of weeks have been unsavory. Don't get me wrong, I have many blessings to be thankful for, and I give thanks everyday. My household has been sick and my husband, the baby and I have been in an out of the hospital. I am the queen of self diagnosis and I am normally able to figure out exactly what is wrong with me before making it to the doctor's office. As many of you know, we just recently moved to Florida and it has been overwhelming trying to switch over our health insurance for FL. I'd been sick for a while with what I thought was a nasty reaction to some nascient iodine I had been taking (more on that later). My symptoms had been getting progressively worse but I figured it would eventually pass. Then my husband got sick, went to the hospital and is being treated with what could possibly be bacterial meningitis (we have no idea). Then the baby developed a rash and some red sores on her neck and arms, so I took her and myself to the ER. It's a good thing I went because we both have bad infections that I could not have treated on my own. Our health insurance is finally active now (thank God) but it is different from our Maryland coverage. There are so many uncertainties and unpredictabilities in life. As bad as I feel, I am so thankful that this is all I'm dealing with health wise. I can still function (albeit like a sleep deprived zombie) and my child in getting better and is in good spirits. That is a lot to be thankful for. It takes gratitude to attract more of what you want. I want to feel better than I feel now, but I'm still thankful that I don't feel much worse than I do.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Testing Eye Colors for Jaedon Brian

Here is little Jaedon Brian again with some more paint and some eyes temporarily popped into his head. Jaedon's mama is interested in hazel greenish eyes for him, so I'm trying these Lauscher ones on him while I paint. They are very interesting in the sense that in some light they appear more hazel green and in other lighting conditions they appear a deep, almost forest green with hazel specks. They are wonderfully piercing and look very pretty with his skin tones. We shall see what his mama thinks of them. I also have a deep dark newborn blue that I might try out, just for curiosity's sake. He's another serious looking baby, and to me his face beams with wisdom and intelligence. It's something in the intensity of his stare and that furrowed brow.

This boy is going to have a LOT of hair. Billowing spirals of cropped curls all around with smooth edges is what his mama requested. Oooh I can't wait to see him with his curls! Tonight will be another long one. I'm already buzzing with my evening jolt of inspiration and it's only 5:30. The early evening walk did me good. Gotta love that fresh air, no matter how humid it is here!

Owen Francis WIP Pictures and Updates

Happy Friday! This is the Owen Francis sculpt I posted WIP photos of a little while ago. This Owen is a custom painted kit for a fellow reborn artist and he (or she) is looking as cute as can be. I love that little balled up fist of his left hand. It really captures the detail and I love the way his little fingers are turning out. His newborn complexion is really coming to life. Today I will complete his painting, adding more color to the soles of his feet and palms of his hands. I will also paint his veins and finish other aspects of his circulatory system, lips, brows, hairline and of course the final finishing. This weekend I have to start his (or her) rooting. Owen will have a medium fine head of newborn baby soft straight black hair. My daughter was born with a head full of pin straight jet black hair and I want to capture the essence of that new, baby softness with a directionally rooted style that lays effortlessly with a smooth of the hand. Owen is an adorable kit with a serious little face that begs to be kissed in spite of its peevish demeanor. : )
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