Saturday, October 18, 2014

Jaedon Brian WIP Little Boy Blue

This custom boy is still being rooted with raven black curly hair. It hasn't reached his hairline hairline yet, hence the hat. I'm working in reverse on his hair to allow myself wiggle room for more paint work around the face. He has his brown eyes temporarily placed in. I'll zoom in more once his brows are completed. His mama wanted eyes that allow for the whites to be clearly visible in the corners. He has a pretty intense squint, but I think these do him justice. Let me know what you think, mama.

His hairline will be brought down more, onto his face around the sides. He is supposed to be one hairy boy! I also like the way he looks in blue, btw. I had originally planned a red, cream, ochre and blue layette for him, but I'm really liking his skin tone with blue. So precious!

Stay tuned! I got a late start today. Meh.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Custom Owen Painted and Rooted Kit Photo Shoot

This baby turned out exactly how I hoped she would. Gosh what a beauty and oh so realistic! I am so pleased with the finishing and completeness of the work I've done. I spent way too long on her hair and minor details though. That's the problem with OCD. I can't stop until it's right. It's horrible and one of the many reasons why I will no longer be offering custom services of any kind. I have a sickness and I can't offer new custom services until I fix these issues. It wouldn't be fair.

I made Owen as a promotional discount custom painted kit to represent a baby girl. Owen's mom  also requested tummy plate painting and micro-rooted hair. Each hair is rooted 1 single hair at a time and a small portion at the top of her head is rooted 2 hairs at a time to create the desired thickness contrast.

I also have her box packing photos to post.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Cupcake Princess Ginnoah, Human Hair, and Sweet Finds

Ginnoah is a very special toddler girl with a beautiful story behind her. There's so much love and anticipation for this cutie already and I want her to be as perfect as can be for her mom to enjoy. I absolutely love the shape of her nose!

Ginnoah will have a full head of human hair styled in luscious ringlets with a matching mohair and painted hairline (trust me, it sounds more complicated than it is). This is for added realism. Hairline hair is always of a finer texture, and the mohair matches the human hair color perfectly for a seamless blend.

I played around with her eyebrow paint when I test rooted a section of the human hair. I erased it (one of the many perks of using heat set paints) before putting it in the oven because the color didn't match the way I wanted. You can kind of see some of the multi tones of the hair in the photos ( I know it's a little hard to see here). I know exactly what I'm going for with the brows and you know how I get when I want what I want! Everything has to be just right for Ginnoah's sweet little face.

My hand looks semi normal here considering that the skin is peeling off of my fingers at a record pace (ouch). I covered it to spare you guys. 

Her peach doe suede body. I love the gathered tushie!

A sweet little polymer clay cupcake I made for Ginnoah's mama.  It's supposed to be a green tea chai cupcake with a biscuit on top!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Owen Sculpt Before and After Hair Part 1

Here are some pictures I took of little Owen before her rooting was started. She had all her skin painted (minus the varnish) and her brows and hairline painted. Her eyebrow hairs have been tweaked since then to fill in a few areas. I will post part 2 after photos once her last little section of hair is finished up, trimmed and sealed. She is so pretty! <3 p="">

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